Sidai Designs X Singita collaborate on the Mara River Tented Camp interiors

Sidai Designs X Singita collaborate on the Mara River Tented Camp interiors

Recently, Singita - a conservation and ecotourism brand offering luxury experiences in African safari lodges and wildlife reserves - approached us with a request from their creative team for a custom collaboration for the new Mara River Tented Camp. 


They had a clear vision and design for several beaded wall hangings that celebrated Maasai traditional skills and the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the camp.


Our team gladly took on the challenge! We were given the creative freedom to interpret the concepts and introduce more Maasai elements, transforming the idea into oversized wall hangings that would eventually take up the central wall space in the camp.


Naturally, we encountered some obstacles along the way, such as sourcing large leather pieces locally in Tanzania. After multiple trips to villages and markets and tapping into our local networks, we eventually found the materials we needed. To maintain the integrity and stability of the large designs, we designed a complex metal support structure in collaboration with our local craft partners.


There were some concerns about embroidering such large pieces of leather, but Koko Rosa, one of our eldest and most skilled leather embroiderers who you can read about here, bravely took on the challenge. 


Koko Rosa enlisted the help of her daughter, and together they spent weeks crafting the center pieces with determination. The result was a four month process that resulted in an exquisite outcome, and a true testament to the craftsmanship of the Maasai artisans we collaborate with.


These remarkable wall hangings now adorn the central area of Mara River Tented Camp, and have been featured in Condé Nast Traveller, Harper’s Bazaar Italia, Financial Times UK and Travel Buddies Lifestyle.


We take great pride in their beauty and impact, a testament to the dedication of the Maasai artisans we work with.


The project's conclusion filled the women involved with immense pride for their achievements.


Read more over at Singita!

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