our materials

Our materials are sourced both locally and globally and range from upcycled to luxurious. We salvage grain bags for thread called kiroba and use nickel-free and hypoallergenic metals like 14K gold-filled and sterling silver. Plastic containers are cut up and recycled for boning, while butter-soft suede and sterling silver fastenings give our jewelry an elegant finish. 

14K Gold-filled :: Gold-filled is the best affordable alternative to solid gold. Several layers of gold is pressure bonded onto brass. Unlike plating, it will not tarnish or irritate sensitive ears. Made in the USA.  

Sterling Silver :: Used for our Warrioress silver collection, sterling silver is used to add luster. It will not irritate ears or tarnish. Made in the USA. 

Glass Beads :: Introduced to the Maasai in the 19th Century by Arab traders and are now manufactured in the Czech Republic. To add our signature Sidai touch, we also use glass beads from Japan.  

24K Gold Plated Beads :: Luxury Japanese glass beads with gold plating are introduced to elevate the level of design.  

Swarovski Pearls & Crystals :: Swarovski crystals and pearls have been introduced to upscale our timeless designs. 

Locally-Sourced Leather :: Naturally treated by a group of Maasai women who have set up their own village tannery, this leather is used for our Ngozi wall hangings. 

Suede :: Butter soft suede has been sourced internationally for optimum comfort for our cuffs and other leather jewelry pieces.  

Faux Leather :: For longevity, we source the most durable faux leather for our fastenings.  

Recycled Metal Beads :: Made in Ethiopia, recycled car parts and bullet caps form new meaning and purpose as they are used for our adjustable fastenings.

Glass bottles :: Our Orkuma Bottles are made using recycled glass and hand-blown by Shanga, a social enterprise that trains people with disabilities in Arusha to become artisans. A wonderful visit if you’re ever in town! 

Kitenge bags :: We collaborate with a local group of women in Arusha living with HIV, called SEW, to hand make our fabric bags using kitenge, a popular patterned fabric found in East Africa, to package your order in. 

Stone glossary

Pink Sapphire

Known for its stabilizing effect on emotions, Pink Sapphire is the stone for purity and trust. Balancing the heart and enhancing vulnerability, it can inspire compassion towards the self and others. 
In early times, it was used as a talisman by travelers and treasure hunters to protect them against negative energy.
A subtle, elegant shade of blush, the rare and durable Pink Sapphire gemstone has been worn by royalty for generations. The Queen wears a Pink Sapphire brooch to this day. 

Peach Moonstone

To find peace amidst turmoil, one must sort through emotions and follow their intuition. Peach Moonstone is a totem that will help lead you to this emotional harmony. 
It supports the heart while stimulating the mind, easing the all-too-human burdens of fear, doubt and worry and bringing out the best in people. 
Its loving energy provides a sense of calm and brings peace to the wearer.

Rose Quartz

Famously known as the stone of unconditional love or the ‘heart stone’, Rose Quartz emits strong vibrations of self-love, love for others, care, calm, and compassion.
Its pale shade of pink is so tender it is difficult not to visualize it pouring out universal love to its wearer and the people around them. 
Wear your Rose Quartz as often as you can to be reminded to open your heart.


Discovered in Newfoundland, it is said that the Northern Lights exist within this stone, creating the iridescent shimmer that appears through its gray-green color. 
A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a companion through change, offering strength, courage and perseverance. It also aids in focus, understanding one’s life purpose and removing negative attachments. 
Often called ‘the stone of magic’, it protects the aura, raises consciousness, and grounds spiritual energies.