The Sipolio Leather Bracelet :: Reinterpreting Tradition

The Sipolio leather cuff pays homage to a Maasai boy in transition to manhood. During his two month journey, the Sipolio wears plain black cloth and detailed white face paint. The intricate detail embroidered with white beads onto this soft leather cuff is translated directly from a traditional white beaded belt, worn by the Sipolio. This piece is one of the original designs and is the signature piece of the Sipolio Collection.


Warriors are traditionally adorned with beaded armor, arm pieces that cover their forearms, gifted to them by the proud women in their lives. The Extra Wide Chevron Warrior Cuff is our simplified, wearable reinterpretation. This piece is designed to preserve the traditional technique used in the village, using thread salvaged from grain sacks and boning cut from plastic canisters. These form the foundation for our black and white glass beads to take shape upon. The pattern is inspired by the Maasai proverb, “A Maasai without culture is like a Zebra without stripes.”

NEEMA EARRINGS :: Elevating Tradition

The Neema Earrings are from our Warrioress collection. Slowly developed in honor of the distinctive forms crafted into traditional Maasai adornments, Warrioress elevates traditional shapes into sculptural beaded silver frames. Entirely handmade by the world’s first female Maasai silversmiths in our workshop in Tanzania, this artful interpretation stays true to the delicate curves, and shimmering silver arrow and circular pendants worn by the Maasai.