meet Our Team


Director, has a background in textile design and runs the creative side of our business; developing collections, new products, collaborations and more. When she isn’t creating, she’s busy cooking up a storm and entertaining her son, Leo.


Director, is a graphic designer by trade. She runs operations on the ground in Tanzania, oversees sales and collaborates closely with Becky on the collection development and creative side of the business. In her free time she is an avid traveler.


Director, has 30 years of experience in business, welfare and community development. She assists Sidai in an advisory role with strategic planning and community development.


Advisor, with his vast business knowledge, helps us navigate the Tanzanian business landscape. He is an avid horseman.


Beader, began at Sidai as a cook, but her love of beading was clear and she quickly became one of our resident beaders. She loves going out with her friends and spending time with her kids. When she’s not at Sidai, she’s looking after her livestock.


Production Manager, works closely with our beaders checking quality, overseeing sampling, training new beaders, and ensuring orders are filled. The mamas love her so much that they often sneak her gifts - but shh, don’t tell the others! Her dream is to one day open a restaurant, but right now she’s busy being a mama to her little boy Gilliard.


Marketing and Communications Consultant, runs our digital marketing and social media channels. After two years on the ground with our team in Tanzania, she now works remotely. When she’s not at her desk, she loves to immerse herself in nature with a walk or a swim.


Guard's Supervisor, is the first face you see when you visit Sidai. When he’s not working, his favorite thing to do is take his 5 kids shopping and out to eat at Karatu market.


Silversmith Trainer, develops the
skills of new silversmiths in our studio and oversees the quality of all our silver pieces. His expressive and eccentric fashion style is a constant source of inspiration!


Sales & Marketing Assistant, is an integral part of our sales and marketing team, where she skilfully handles retail orders and organizes our fantastic beading classes. Outside of work, she's a creative force, having developed her own line of hair care products.


Production Supervisor and Silversmith, has rightfully earned her position as the supervisor of the full-time team. As a Master Beader and one of the first female Maasai Silversmiths, she is the
back-bone for this close-knit group. When she’s not at Sidai she is an entrepreneurial and passionate farmer.


Office Coordinator, gets things done! Whether it’s running important errands for the office, sending your orders, or ensuring there are enough of the beautiful pouches your jewelry
comes in, Gladness is the woman for the job - without her we would be lost! When she isn’t at Sidai, she designs and bakes delicious cakes.


Finance, loves numbers and things being organized. In his free time he loves cooking, his BBQ skills are legendary!


Beader, loves beauty and hair. If she wasn’t beading, she would be running a bridal salon. Other things she loves are: her kids, and eating mtori - a traditional dish from the Kilimanjaro region made with banana and meat.


Groundskeeper, makes our beautiful grounds thrive. When he’s not looking after Sidai’s lush garden, he’s farming vegetables. If he had to pick another job he would be a preacher.


Logistics and Inventory Assistant, is the go-to guy in the production room, handling all things related to raw materials with expertise. Not only does he assist the production team with various tasks, but he also brings his passion for soccer and his impressive guitar-playing skills to the table during his free time.


Beader, is one of the only beaders on the team with the skills to bead onto leather. Her laugh is the loudest of all the team. When the weekend comes around, she loves to go out dancing.


Guard, is a kind man always wearing a cheeky grin. He is also an artist - he loves to draw charming illustrations of Maasai jewelry and African animals that we often share with Sidai Designs’ followers.  


Sales Coordinator, is the master of all wholesale orders, boasting a deep understanding of our customers. However, when he's not immersed in processing orders, you'll find him delving into the intricacies of financial markets. Need investment advice? Mark's your go-to guy!


Inventory and Sales Associate, will be there to greet you as you enter our store. He might seem a little shy, but he knows everything about the Sidai pieces! When he’s not helping shoppers at Sidai with their selections, he’s off studying law, playing football and reading. 


Beader, used to work on a piece-rate basis with us but soon moved into a full-time position. She is a busy mama with twin boys Brighton and Bryson, and a farmer who spends many hours a week in her shamba (farm).


Junior Producer, is a talented jewelry maker and in her spare time, she's not just crafting beautiful pieces; she's also dancing her way through moments of joy.


Guard, is active and health conscious. When he’s not busy keeping our compound safe his favorite thing to do is working out and playing football. Like many Maasai men, he also loves to travel home to his village to look after his beloved livestock.



Cleaner & Cook, has been looking after us for many years. In her free time - when she’s not busy with her babies Nancy and Nathan - she loves to bead, but at work she prefers to take care of the team.


Beader, whose name means ‘Grace’ was one of our first ever employees. Her work ethic is phenomenal and a key reason she was chosen to be trained as one of the first female Maasai silversmiths. When she’s not busy beading or being a mom to Esther, she’s busy keeping her livestock.


Production Assistant, is a packaging pro! She supports Colletha with pulling orders and production. She is from humid Dar Es Salaam and is still adjusting to the cooler temperatures in mountainous Arusha. In her free time she braves the cold to tend to her garden, and then snuggles up to watch movies. 


Guard, is a gentle soul who loves to enjoy life through music and painting. A very polite man and naturally empathetic, he is very good at making small talk and making people feel comfortable. He is the perfect person to welcome our visitors. 


Logistics and Inventory assistant, uses his meticulous attention to detail to manage our raw material inventory, order fulfillments, and all things production. During his free time he likes being active outdoors in beautiful Arusha, playing football and riding his bike. 


Accounts & Finance Manager, meet our financial whiz! With an eagle eye for details, he's the guardian of our finances, making sure everything adds up. When he's not crunching numbers, he's enjoying quality time with friends, especially if it includes watching a thrilling soccer match.


Beader and Silversmith, trained for more than a year to join the exclusive group of female Maasai silversmiths. Clearly gifted with artistic talents and a love of food, she dreams to open a small restaurant one day called Selina’s.


Logistics & Program Coordinator, handles our inventory and logistics with his unmatched Excel skills! Wilson also works with the women to assess their needs to make sure they have access to the right social programs. He loves to dance and socialize, equally as much as his community work - spending most of his free time working with organizations like the Rotary Club.