New Collaboration: Sidai Designs and PLAYA Y CHALET


We’re excited to release a range of cuffs, necklaces and pendants, developed in collaboration with PLAYA Y CHALET in Germany! 


PLAYA Y CHALET embodies the essence of sunshine, fresh air, and leisure. This is encapsulated by lightweight garments that effortlessly adapt to various seasons, occasions, and vacation destinations. Transformative pendants and accessories breathe new life into exquisite Austrian linen garments, allowing them to transition effortlessly from a summery Mediterranean vibe to a cozy Alpine retreat or an elegant safari style with minimal effort. These versatile pieces are designed for year-round wear, no matter the occasion or location. By embracing these timeless pieces, we simplify and streamline our wardrobes while supporting centuries-old artisanal techniques and social enterprises committed to sustainable practices.

About our collaboration

PLAYA Y CHALET uses six vibrant colors to evoke a yearning for the most stunning destinations around the world. The association with their Zanzibar Sand-colored linen is, naturally, beautiful Tanzania. 

To amplify this, they set out to discover how they could collaborate with African artisans on an accessories range. They stumbled upon Sidai Designs and the work of our Maasai beaders, and it was love at first sight and the perfect pairing. 


Here’s what Claudia from PLAYA Y CHALET had to say about our work together:

“From our initial email exchange to our collaborative efforts on my concept, the professionalism and warmth were evident. When the first samples arrived, I was truly overwhelmed. The craftsmanship was exquisite, and the combination of shimmering beads with the matte fabric was simply perfect. Since then, Sidai's artistry has become an integral part of PLAYA Y CHALET.”

We are so excited to share these designs, designed across continents and handcrafted by Maasai women in Tanzania, on our very own online store. 

Shop here for this exclusive range!


Would you like to work with us on a collaboration for your brand or store? We would love to explore this with you, as every collaboration creates work for Maasai women artisans in Tanzania. Contact now!

We look forward to hearing from you :-)


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