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Beading classes run for 2 hours.

Ideal start times are between 10am - 2pm.

When booking, remember to be specific about the time you would like to start so we can ensure we have completed set up prior to your arrival.

Monday - Friday are the most ideal days to take a beading class so you can enjoy the workshop tour and see the artisans beading.

Tuesday is market day, when the Maasai women we work with come in from the village so this is a great day to take a class.

Saturday bookings can be arranged upon special request.

We do not run classes on Sundays.

- A 2 hour class guided beading class. 

- Immersive cultural experience, allowing you to learn the traditional beading techniques of the Maasai tribe while hearing about Maasai culture.

- A tour of our workshop where many of our designs are produced. 

- Materials and tools needed to design and make your jewelry. 

- Depending on the package you select, either local chai (tea) or cheese board and wine/gin will be provided. Accompanied with flavored water.