Design Your Own

Are you an art and design lover?

Are you a global nomad missing wandering the world experiencing new cultures, exploring the souk, and finding one-of-a-kind individual pieces that ignite memory and spark wanderlust?

Perhaps you’re an aspiring designer with a dream to work with artisans, and you want a taste of the process? Maybe you are just spending lots of time at home and  desiring a new creative outlet?

Travel might be out of the question, but people like us still desire connection and new experiences.

We are offering you the opportunity to connect with the Maasai from your own home, by co-creating a piece together with our beaders that you can treasure forever. A talking point in your home for years to come.

Designing your own wall hanging with us will allow you to travel into the world of the Maasai, to experience a part of their culture, and take part in the preservation of traditional Maasai beading.

You will be a central part of the journey of the creation of your own signature piece of art.