Sidai Designs collaboration with Sabinna X Folk Days

We have had a busy few months working closely with FOLKDAY and Sabinna on an exclusive floral jewellery collection! 


Our partners 

We have worked extensively with FOLKDAYS on previous collections, and have been partners for many years. In 2019, we created a Fruit Jewellery Collection in collaboration with FOLKDAYS and This is Jane Wayne. We’re so grateful to be working with FOLKDAYS again on another collection for 2022, and aligning ourselves with a brand so committed to artisan design and sustainability. 

It is our first collaboration with Sabinna, an "ethical, innovative, and female-led, dedicated to exploring sustainability beyond the product.” They are committed to story telling, innovation and consciousness. We are so happy to be working with them for the first time!

These pieces were created through an international co-creation process between Sabinna  in UK/Austria, FOLKDAYS in Germany and our team here in Tanzania!


The Collaboration 

Together we have created a 10-piece glass bead jewellery collection of handcrafted limited edition earrings with delicate, curved floral designs for artsy summer statement pieces. They are inspired by SABINNA's signature floral print. 

All pieces (including the silver elements) are handmade by our talented Maasai artisan in Tanzania, and are one-of-a-kind.

“The artisans have once again produced small pieces of art. Especially in these difficult times, even for small businesses, it gives us hope to see what comes out when we join forces, combine our expertise and give free rein to creativity. We hope that the joy that has gone into the collection can be felt in every earring!” - FOLKDAYS

Shop exclusively via FOLKDAYS and Sabinna

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