Re-introducing our early Boma Collection wall hangings for pre-order!

What is our Boma Collection?

If you're new here and wondering what 'Boma' means, it is the name of a traditional Maasai home. It is also the name of our beaded home decor collection, handmade by Maasai women.

In 2014, a traditional beaded arm band for a Maasai warrior, when laid flat inspired a whole collection of beaded wall hangings.

Applying the same traditional Maasai beading techniques used to create that patch of beadwork, combined with modern designs and colours, we transformed everyday traditional Maasai pieces into a desirable collection of beaded home decor to be enjoyed by people worldwide.

As our Boma Collection has continued to grow and develop, we have let go of older designs to make way for fresh interpretations.

However some of our discontinued designs are still sought after, such as our beaded Maasai disk sets which make stunning wall hangings, our beaded antique arrows which are also impressive wall accents, our oversized statement-making Pembetatu Wall Hanging, and other monochrome beaded wall hangings that have been well loved over the years.


How does it work?

We have decided to re-introduce these designs on a pre-order basis, meaning that placing the order is what will send it into production.

This means you will need to allow 4 - 8 weeks before you receive your home decor piece, especially handmade just for you from our team of Maasai women beaders here in Arusha, Tanzania.

Shop by pre-order and create new job opportunities for Maasai women or explore our whole home decor range.

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